Theses, Letters & Others

  • van der Meulen MCH (1987) Comparison of finite helical axis estimation to instantaneous helical axis from noisy kinematic data. Bachelor’s thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • van der Meulen MC, Carter DR (1989) Letter to the editor. J Orthop Res 7: 768–769

    re: Einhorn TA, Boskey AL, Gundberg CM, Vigorita VJ, Devlin VJ, Beyer M (1986) The mineral and mechanical properties of bone in chronic experimental diabetes. J Orthop Res 6: 317–323

  • van der Meulen MCH (1993) The influence of mechanics on long bone development and adaptation. Ph.D. dissertation, Stanford University
  • van der Meulen MCH (1997) Mechanical influences on bone development and adaptation. Frontiers of Engineering 1997, National Academy of Engineering Press, 12–15
  • Andrews JC, Brennan S, Patyy C, Luening K, Pianetta P, Almeida E, van der Meulen MCH, Feser M, Gelb J, Rudati J, Tkachuk A, Yun WB (2008) A high resolution, hard x-ray bio-imaging facility at SSRL. Synchr Rad News 21: 17-26
  • Hemami SS, van der Meulen MCH (2010) But you don’t look like an engineer… Chronicle of Higher Education, Commentary, 24 January 2010; reprinted in IEEE-USA Today’s Engineer, February 2010 and other sites
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