Science is collaborative, and collaborations are fun and intellectually stimulating.  We enjoy working with many collaborators, who we have learned a great deal from and who have helped extend and expand our research directions.

Thank you to everyone on this list!

  • Cornell:
    Shef Baker, MSE
    Larry Bonassar, BME/MAE
    Chris Hernandez, MAE/BME
    Tony Ingraffea, CEE
    Ursula Krotschek, CVM
    John Schimenti, CVM
    Ankur Singh, MAE/BME
  • Hospital for Special Surgery:
    Adele Boskey, PhD
    Mathias Bostrom, MD
    Mary Goldring, PhD
    Steven Goldring, MD
    Joseph Lane, MD
    Miguel Otero, PhD
    Kyung Parkmin, PhD
    Paddy Ross, PhD
    Tim Wright, PhD
  • External Collaborators:
    Terry Dowd, PhD, Brooklyn College
    David Little, Children’s Hospital Westmead/Univ Sydney, Australia
    Mitch Schaffler, PhD, CCNY


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