Group Alumni

Postdoctoral Fellows

Russell Main, PhD, Assoc Prof, Purdue
Qian Xu, PhD


Alicia Bailón-Plaza
Timothy G Morgan
J Christopher Fritton, Assistant Prof, Rutgers NJ Medical
Eve L Donnelly, Assistant Prof, Cornell MSE
Jacqueline H Cole, Assistant Prof, NCSU-UNC BME
Maureen E Lynch, Assistant Prof, UC Boulder
Jayme C Burket
Grace Kim
Frank C Ko
Katherine P Melville
Garry R Brock, Biomechanical Engineer, CED Technologies, Inc
Natalie H Kelly
Olufunmilayo O Adebayo, Assistant Dean for Inclusion & Engagement, University of Massachusetts 

Master of Engineering

Roger Tuang (MSE, 2000)
Sherry Lai (BME, 2002)
Jamie Manos (ME, 2005)
Shen Yuan Paul Huang (Systems, 2007)
Kirsten Stoner (BME, 2010)
Eric Trotter (ME, 2010)
Tee Pamon (BME, 2010_
Jacob Hull (ME, 2010)
Gregory Meloni (ME, 2012)
Caroline Brial (ME, 2013)
Allison Hsia (BME, 2014)
Jiadi Fan (ME, 2014)
Jordan Troy (BME, 2015)
Elizabeth Foley (BME, 2015)
Brent Dinger (ME, 2016)
Elliott Kim (BME, 2016)

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